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:: I Don’t Even Remember

I’m spending a few days with some of my favorite littles in the world. It’s fun to have them to myself all day long – answering the little questions and working through the messy moments. As usual, time with them is leaving me humbled and more in love with Jesus. It never ceases to amaze me how children have a way of expressing themselves that reveals the very things my own heart needs to learn.

We’ve been reading Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing, one of my favorites, every night before bed. Tonight we read about grace and how Jesus is always calling us back to himself (page 36, if you want to read along). I asked the kids to think about any time today when they might have run away from Jesus with their hearts. We didn’t have a particularly difficult day, so I was just asking them to come up with little things like ‘I didn’t obey‘ or ‘I was unkind to my sister‘ or ‘I did not use self-control‘. We listened to music for two minutes and thought back over the day silently, asking Jesus to forgive us for those heart-steps away from him. Then we asked him to tell us how he sees us.

It was simple and sweet. No big deal. I said they didn’t have to share their stories with me – it was just between them and Jesus – and we started to get ready for bed.

In my mind, the day replayed as we brushed teeth and tucked in. These four littles. Me. We’ve struggled today. Not in big ways, but in little heart ways. We didn’t love each other well all the time. My words to them were not always His. I was impatient.  Several days cooped up inside because of a blizzard will wear even the happiest spirits down a bit. I started to wonder if it was a wasted day.

And right at that moment her little hand held my arm and she wiggled into my lap to whisper, “Auntie Joy, do you want to know what Jesus said to me?”.

And what she said was exactly what my heart needed to hear from my Father – for me and for her.

This is how Jesus sees us at the end of a long day of little choices that lead us away from him. This is how he sees us at the end of a failure-day, at the end of a messy day, at the end of a sad day, at the end of even our best days that still feel smudged with mistakes. This is how he sees us. She said:

 I asked Jesus to forgive me for running away from Him with my heart today and he said

‘Guess what? I don’t even remember that’.

  • Amber - Thanks for caring for those precious children so we could soak up their parents!! ((hugs))!ReplyCancel

  • Cindy Finley - Love these “littles” too and their beautiful, beautiful hearts. Mandie Joy, I know SO MANY were blessed because you served your sweet friends. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

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